Foster Dog: Max


Foster Dog Location: Yorktown, VA


Gender: Male


Age: 5 yrs (DOB 2/14/13)


Neutered: Yes


Health concerns: None


General Activity Level: Average.


Interaction with dogs: Owner said he chases small dogs and was aggressive/standoffish with larger dogs. Foster mom found him to be aggressive when a small dog barked first.


Interaction with cats: Unknown


Interaction with Children:  Previous owner had two pre-school age children. The youngest was Max’s best friend and a great companion. Owner would like him to go to a single dog home with children.


Physical fence required: Highly recommended


Suitable for an invisible fence: Don’t know


How many hours is he able to be left alone: Previous owner says 6-8


Able to climb stairs: Unknown


In need of obedience training?  Recommend professional training to improve leash-walking. Max pulls sometimes. He will also stop in his tracks and refuse to continue when he fixates on a bird or something off in the distance that you can’t even see. He’s not a big sniffer so when he isn’t staring down a leaf blowing in the breeze, you can enjoy a heart-healthy walk with him.  He also needs help building his self-confidence. He is fairly submissive, cowers easily and flinches when you reach out to pet his head or touch his face.


Personality and additional information: Max is a handsome Golden Retriever with a beautiful Golden personality. He is so sweet, gentle and well-mannered and loves all people.  All he wants is to be loved and petted (a lot). He’ll give you his paw without asking and nudge your hand with his nose when he wants to be petted. He was allowed on furniture in his previous home, but has been pretty good about staying off it in his foster home.  He doesn’t bark or jump on people; however, he’s really happy to meet everyone - his whole body wags! He doesn’t get into things, but he is curious about them – from a garden rabbit statue to his own dog brush. He’s not big on toys, but a tennis ball in a fenced-in yard would be fetching. His favorite pastime when he isn’t being petted or cuddling with you is to look out a window at everything.

He knows his name and the command Sit. Sometimes he knows Down as in Lay Down (not Get Down as in off the bed). He rides well in a car; and we’re told he likes to swim and dig. He has a gorgeous face and big, beautiful eyes that will surely melt your heart.

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