Foster Dog: Roxy (AKA: Roxy girl, Roxanne)

Foster Dog Location (city): Gloucester, VA

Gender: Female

Age: 3 (DOB: 06/26/2015)

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Health Concerns: Some allergies but kept under control with bathing and occasional Benadryl.  Fractured Tibia repaired in May 2018.

General Activity Level: VERY active.  Loves to play ball and she never ever sits still…. unless she is sleeping!

Interaction with Dogs: Does very well.  Will growl some when first introduced but does great! She has 2 foster brothers.

Interaction with Cats: Great.  We have 2 cats at the foster home.  She will initiate play with them both.  When she was first introduced she did chase them (not aggressively). She is fascinated by them!

Interaction with Children: It has been limited as I do not have may children to introduce her to.  But on our walks she does great when little children come up to pet her.  She does have to be told “easy” when given food because she will snatch it out of you had and can get your fingers, but other than that very good.

Physical Fence Required?: Yes. 

Suitable for an invisible fence?: No.  She has a very high prey drive.  Once she has her sight/smell set on something, it is very hard to break her focus.

How many hours are they able to be left alone?: She has been left alone up to 10 hours and does well.  We are now able to keep her out of a crate and give her full roam of the house.

Able to climb stairs:? Yes.

In need of obedience training?: I’m sure she could use some, but she knows the basics…sit, stay, down, etc. We walk her on an EZ-Walk harness and she does very well.

Personality and additional information:

Roxy is such a great, loving dog.  She has A LOT of energy.  She likes to play a lot and loves her 2 foster brothers.  She loves to chase a ball and play fetch but can be ball obsessive when it comes to sharing with others (she has learned to share, but she is very persistent when she wants the ball back).  She loves to cuddle on the couch and in the bed.  She is very obsessive about licking and we have tried so hard to break her of this habit, but if she sees your hand…she is going to LICK it!  She did have a fractured tibia and it was fixed in May 2018.  She can run and play just like all the other dogs, but I do have to limit the amount of time she is running full speed.  She can get very tired and overheated easily. So, I limit her ball time to 15-20 minutes and then make her take a break before playing again.

She will also regurgitate her food and water after eating/drinking too fast, so she does have to eat/drink out of elevated bowls.  She also had a very awful skin infection when she first came to be and I do believe it was due to a food allergy.  We feed Purina Pro Plan Salmon and Rice formula and her skin and coat look great.  She is also bathed once monthly and is on Bravecto and Heartgard for flea/tick/Heartworm prevention.  She was also very overweight when she came to us, and this is not good especially because of the fracture.  So she is fed 1.5 cups of food twice daily and she has lost a total of 15 pounds since she has been with us!  She is looking  great!

She loves her 2 foster cats and will initiate play with them (even when they are not in the mood) and she does very well. 

She does great with all types of toys, but she will occasionally tear them apart.  I have not had any issues with her ingesting any of her toys. 

Her favorite toy though is a tennis ball…and she will rip it to shreds when it is not being thrown!

Roxy has brought so much joy to my life, and it very much saddens me to let her go, but I am hoping that she will be able to bring that same joy to someone else’s life! 

She is truly a wonderful dog, I have fallen in love with all her quirks and I hope that you will too!



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