Many are familiar with this senior trio whose owner fell on hard times and became homeless.

Many in the community rallied to try and find a place he could afford and take them with him. When nothing worked out, we were able to visit them at a local boarding kennel and searched for a foster willing to keep the 3 together. Estimated at 13, 12 and 10 years – they had been together their whole lives and we wanted to keep it that way. We were thrilled to find a wonderful family to welcome the trio as forever fosters, and they came to SEVA GRREAT in August 2019. From the foster mom - the little characters are sweethearts and have really come out of their shells since Thanksgiving. Annabelle took over the loveseat from Emmy (their adopted TD), including the blankie Emmy brought from her foster home! Yogi is Mr. Marshmallow and has the sweetest grin. He has revealed his trashcan scavenger skills and loves to destroy anything cardboard or paper. And anything in a plastic bag HAS to be edible. Chewy is a skilled counter surfer and cleared the kitchen counters and side tables when I was gone a couple hours. He’s also very clingy to me. He’s recently taken to bark incessantly at Joe whenever he comes in the room, even if he’s only gone 5 minutes! Chewy has had some issues with ear infections, and Yogi recently had an ER visit and was treated for pneumonia. But overall this senior trio is doing amazingly well and is loved by their foster family. (In the picture, Annabelle, Chewy and Yogi are in the back with sibling Peeler in the front. This is before Annabelle took over the loveseat!)