2018 Give Local 757
SEVA GRREAT will be participating for the third time in this 24 hour on line fundraiser.   We have had tremendous success the first two years, however the competition gets stiffer every year.  
Some things YOU can do for SEVA GRREAT to be successful:
Reach out to family, friends, co-workers and ask them to make a donation to SEVA GRREAT on May 8th (early donations unfortunately do not count toward the event).
Minimum donation is $10.00
Include GIVE LOCAL logo in your emails  2018 Give Local 757
Advertise GIVE LOCAL 757 on social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 
Review the Bonus Prize list at www.givelocal757.org and participate in one of the contests, you just may win a bonus prize for SEVA GRREAT 
Participate in the Selfies for Good challenge contest.  Take selfies and post them on social media using #Give Local 757 and #GL757 Selfie
This year we are featuring the following special needs Golden’s:  Aine (aka Pearl), Domino, Rufus, Dusty, Halley, and Finn.  Each of these goldens has a special need that SEVA GRREAT will address to prepare them for their forever home.  More about each golden will be posted at www.givelocal757.org  as we get closer to May 8th, and on our Facebook page.  SEVA GRREAT has participated in GIVE LOCAL 757 for the past two years.  In two years we raised close to $30,000 in the two 24 hour events--a true statement about you, our supporters!!  We could not do what we do without you!  Thank you for all you do for SEVA GRREAT.