We are now accepting photos for our 2021 Calendar Contest! Your golden could be one of the featured Goldens to grace next year’s calendar! 

We are looking for great shots of SEVA GRREAT adopted dogs and non-SEVA GRREAT goldens that are inspiring our active volunteers, supporters and members. The pictures that are showing off, acting regal, being silly, enjoying a special holiday, frolicking outside, lounging inside, or just sporting that GRREAT Golden “smile.” We want to see any shot that you feel shows that wonderful GOLDEN personality! 

Upon review of the photos submitted, we will select 25 photos to be included in an online voting contest.  Photos chosen for the voting contest will be judged on composition, quality and emotional appeal. 

Voting will allow our friends and supporters to pick the 2021 SEVA GRREAT Calendar twelve monthly winners and cover dog. Voting for this year's SEVA GRREAT Calendar Contest will run July 15, 2020 thru August 23, 2020

Each vote in the photo contest will be $1.00. The 13 photos with the most votes will receive a monthly feature and the top vote-getter will be on the cover of the 2021 Calendar. The photos for 14th to 25th vote getters will be placed on bottom page of the each month.  The remaining photos will be featured on the back inside cover, and may receive special recognition throughout the calendar. 

We will make every effort to incorporate into the calendar the photo of each dog entered into the photo contest. 

Submission Rules: 

Deadline for submission is July 5th, 2020

Digital images are required. Please follow these guidelines: 
  a. Set your camera to take photos at the highest resolution possible. 
  b. No humans in the photo please—dogs and other pets only. 
  c. Must be horizontal (landscape) in orientation. 
  d. Photos become property of SEVA GRREAT and cannot be returned. 
  e. Photos must be previously unpublished, non-professional images; no copyrighted photos accepted. 
  f. SEVA GRREAT reserves the right to use pictures submitted in GRREATTimes, on our website, and in other publications. 
  g. If possible, name your image(s) with dog’s name and your last name. If sending more than one photo, number appropriately. Example: RustyJones01.jpg, RustyJones02.jpg, RustyJones03.jpg. 
  h. Submit your image(s) in jpg format as an email attachment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please do not crop the picture or make the file smaller to email— send the largest, original file. 
  i.  Include the DOG’S NAME in the MESSAGE SUBJECT so we can match your picture with your Information. 
  k. Include a note in the message body with pertinent information 
      Owner’s name 
      Dog’s name 

If it is a SEVA GRREAT dog, please specify the month/year when it was adopted. 

Include a brief story (not just a caption) that is less than 80 words (less than 4 lines) about your dog, the picture, and/or what he or she means to you with each picture. Stories may be edited for length if selected for use.