In view of the coronavirus pandemic, SEVA GRREAT has ceased all operational functions involving people to people interactions regarding adoptions and home visits effective immediately. This is a primary topic that will be discussed at our Board meeting on Wednesday, 18 March. In the interim, safety is paramount and we will be adhering to National, State and local directives. We will be updating this guidance and what to expect following our Board meeting but it is anticipated that this action will remain in place for at least the next several weeks, at a minimum. We will also be discussing how to accommodate intakes and managing rescue Golden’s needing to come our way. We, like so many others, are trying our very best to manage how dealing with this serious and unexpected situation.

Thanks for your patience. If there are any immediate concerns please contact us on the SEVA GRREAT hot line numbers. Please stay safe as we all work together to get past the coronavirus pandemic.


Dottie Cleal
President, SEVA GRREAT