Intake Coordinator

Current SEVA GRREAT By-laws:

It shall be the duty of the Intake Coordinator to:

- respond to SPCA’s, shelters and “owner surrenders”

- conduct preliminary assessment of dog to determine viability of being taken into SEVA GRREAT

- when applicable complete full intake process including all paperwork

- coordinates intake activities with Foster Coordinator

- provide a monthly report of the dogs entering the system

Intake Coordinator has one of the most important roles within the rescue. This position is responsible for the intake/acceptance of adoptable goldens and golden mixes from the public. This will include strays/intakes from local municipal shelters, owner surrenders and occasional return adoptions. The Intake Coordinator must be comfortable with the difficult task of possibly turning away pets and customers due to space, breed/variety and temperament. This position must work and closely coordinate with the Foster Coordinator and requires the utmost in team work and customer service. A large part of this position is responding to intake requests via phone and email. Knowledge of dog behavior, training and breed traits is extremely helpful. Common sense and hands-on experience for problem solving are also great assets in this position.

Duties include:

- oversee, manage and develop all aspects of the Intake Program

- must work with the public in a polite and effective manner

- for shelter intakes provide all necessary approved rescue documents (501c3 letter, approved pull list,   intake/foster/adoption policies etc)

- respond to all intake requests in a prompt manner

- returns calls and inquiries regarding surrenders

- screens surrenders to make sure the dog is a good fit for the rescue

- set up intake appointments with participating veterinarians

- works with veterinary and hospital staff on medical and behavior assessments

- coordinates intake activities with Foster Coordinator to find a foster home for the dog

- works with Volunteer Coordinator to set up transporters for vet appointments and owner surrenders

- be the point of contact for veterinarians during the intake of dogs

- provide a monthly report of the dogs entering the system