SEVA GRREATWelcome to the new web-face of SEVA GRREAT!  It has been a few years since we freshened up our website, so we took the opportunity to update our backend services and our management system.  As the internet matures, so does the need to update your technology.  Our newest management system allows us to more easily manage upgrades, security, and information on our site.  There are plenty of behind-the-scenes changes that have taken place, but here are some of the front-side changes you can expect to notice.

New Menus

The menu bar across the top has a new feature.  Now you will often find several sub-menu items on each menu as you move your cursor over it.

Cleaner Lines

We also took the time to clear out some information that was not being reviewed frequently.  This allowed us to streamline the site a bit and declutter some areas as well.

Search Box

As the site changes you can use the Search Box located in the top right corner to look for information.

Multi-Platform Capable

You can now review this new website on your phone or tablet just as you can on your computer screen.