SEVA GRREAT has been closely monitoring the current Covid19 statewide guidelines as “sheltering in” restrictions begin to diminish. We are seeing varying updates affecting our current geographical area which makes it a little more challenging to begin overall unilateral operations. Having said that, we are definitely preparing to fully get back to our mission as soon as we possibly can. This of course will be done with every precaution taken for the safety of our volunteers and interested families contacting us. The adoption application process will remain closed for the time being due to the ongoing shortage of Goldens available. Further updates regarding the status of our renewed operations will be provided as additional information becomes available to us. We appreciate your continued patience.

Thanks for your patience. If there are any immediate concerns please contact us on the SEVA GRREAT hot line numbers. Please stay safe as we all work together to get past the coronavirus pandemic.


Susan Stanitski
President, SEVA GRREAT