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About Us

SEVA GRREAT is a non-profit, volunteer rescue group that takes in Golden Retrievers from owners who can no longer care for their dog, for whatever reason, and we rescue Golden’s in shelters or other animal control facilities. We provide excellent health care and find new forever homes for these wonderful dogs.

We interview our foster homes and prospective adoptive homes in their home so we can visually see where the Golden will reside and make sure the home is a safe and loving home. Our organization that has saved more than 2,000 Golden Retrievers since 1990.

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Rescues since 1990 (& counting)

Forever fosters over the years


Dogs rescued from Turkey & China

“Regardless of how long I have a foster dog in my life, my life will be that much fuller and richer for having had him in my life. AND think of how much love he will receive in return!”

SEVA GRREAT Foster Parent

Board Members

Sharon Leeman

Shellie Crane

Susan Beckman

Julie Mercer
Intake Coordinator

Jane Krom
Foster Coordinator

Chris Walker
Adoption Coordinator

Patricia Berkley
Volunteer Coordinator

Beth Rodgers
Medical Coordinator

Jacob Kay
Membership Coordinator

Whitney Baker
Merchandise Coordinator

Jennifer Dauzier​
Fundraising Coordinator

Liz Hanson
GRREAT Times Magazine

Call our Hotline for lost and found, to give up a golden, and for more information.

Your donations go to directly support the dogs in our care. Thank you for your generosity!

In Memory Of

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