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Things to Know About Dog Rescue

Welcome to the SEVA GRREAT Adoption Information page! If you are interested in applying to adopt one of our goldens or golden mixes, congratulations – you are in the right place! Before you fill out the application form (it’s a bit of a doozy!), please carefully consider the information here.

There are many, many positives about rescuing a dog. You save a life. It will cost you less than going through a breeder. Before you adopt, the rescue provides detailed information about the animal’s history, behavior, medical needs, and temperament. You may also save on housebreaking and training expenses. You help break the cycle of pet overpopulation. You free up space and resources for another dog in need. The list goes on and on.

However, there are also some other important things to recognize about rescuing.

We are now accepting new adoption applications! Before you complete the application form, please review the Adoption Process  and Things to Know About Dog Rescue articles on the Adoption main page so you understand how our application/approval/adoption process works. Also, check to be sure you are in our service area in Southeastern Virginia

Thank you for your interest in adopting a Golden Retriever from SEVA GRREAT.


Before you complete an application, please take a few minutes to review how the adoption process works.


Our rescue covers the following areas

  • Virginia Beach/Norfolk/Suffolk/ Chesapeake/Portsmouth
  • Hampton, Newport News, Smithfield, York County, Williamsburg/James City County, Gloucester, Mathews 
  • Richmond and Charlottesville
  • We may cover other areas within the Southeastern region of the state.  Please contact our adoption coordinator at aThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before completing an application to ensure we have volunteers to cover your area.
  • We DO NOT adopt out of state or in western/southwestern Virginia.

If your home is approved to adopt, your Home Evaluator will work with you to help you choose the dog who is the best fit for your family.  The adoption fee helps cover a portion of the expenses we incur to take in and care for our Goldens. The current average cost of dogs in our care is more than $1,500.00 each.

Adoption fees as of 1 August 2019:

  • Ages 1-4  $500.00
  • Ages 5-8  $450.00
  • Ages 9 and older  $200.00
  • Turkey Dogs $700.00
  • China Dogs $850.00

Click here to read more about adopting.

For hundreds of years, homeless dogs have been a part of the Turkish environment. Estimates for the number of homeless dogs roaming the streets and in the shelters of Istanbul vary greatly from 70,000 to 150,000.
Once considered a status symbol by the wealthy in Turkey, Golden Retrievers have become more common and less valued. As a result, hundreds end up being released onto the streets dodging traffic and begging for scraps.

Hi!  My name is Mattie, I am 10 years old and this is my story.  I don’t want to talk about the first 10 years of my life.  I would like to talk about now.  And now started in November 2016 when a sweet lady came to the shelter where I was staying.  See, my family decided they didn’t want me anymore, so they dropped me off at this high kill shelter. 

Thinking about adopting a golden retriever? Well, how about considering a senior. Think about your lifestyle: Do you work all day? Perhaps you might not have the energy to keep up with a young dog. Or maybe you don't want to go through the "puppy stage" but really want a companion