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Adoption Application


Applications are currently pawsed

We are not currently accepting new adoption applications. We have very few dogs available, and with a large waiting list of already-approved families we feel it is unfair to add any more at this time. 

Please do NOT complete this form or submit an application fee. 

If you submit a payment at this time, it will be considered a donation to SEVA GREAT. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please continue to check our website and Facebook page for future updates. 

*** CAN YOU HELP? ***

We are looking for families who would be interested in fostering to adopt, home a senior dog, or care for a dog with medical issues. Learn more by getting in touch!

Adoption applications are currently paused. Please visit us again for updates, and follow us on Social Media.

If you have any additional questions regarding adopting.
Please contact our adoption coordinator at