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Annual Calendar Contest Voting is Open!

Congratulations to our calendar finalists! Now it’s your turn to decide who should be featured in our annual Calendar! Scroll through all of our finalists and vote for your favorite photo(s). They are listed in no particular order.

To vote, use the “Vote” button under each photo. Each “vote” is a $1.00 donation to SEVA GRREAT and you may vote as many times as you like. For example, a $10.00 donation equals 10 votes for the dog(s) of your choice. You can vote for several dogs if you like; simply add them to your cart.

Voting ends at midnight on August 1, 2022. The 13 photos with the most votes will receive a monthly feature and the top vote-getter will be on the cover of the calendar.  This calendar contest is a fundraiser, and your votes directly support rescued golden retrievers in our program, helping ensure they find wonderful forever homes (and hopefully featured in a future SEVA GRREAT calendar)! Vote early and vote often! We look forward to finding out which Goldens will be our 12 monthly features and which Golden you choose will be on the calendar cover!

Abby Irwin

Albie Stuckey

Archie Saville

Avery Smith

Barbie Connell

Barkley and Henry Zinski

Bear Thomas

Benny Shoemaker

Blue, Heidi and Cami Kay

Brady Snider

Brody and Kisa Scott

Callie and Max Walker

Chance Miles

Cinnamon Donette

Cooper, Nellie, Benny, Moose, and Peachy Thomas

Delilah Strzelecki

Diego Czompo


Ellie and Summer

Elsa DeLonga

Finnegan Hathaway

Finnegan Roggman

George Allen-Carrell

Ginger Ritchie

GoldaMeir Carstens

Gouda Paul

Hank House

Izzy Lee

Jack Woodard

Jackson Cummings

Jake (Bronco) Stroud

Jasper Buchanan

Jordy Beckman

Kai Woodard

Lacey and Lucy Krom

Lacey Beavers

Leo Swedburg

Lucy Stanitski and Moose Young

Luna Grace and Arthur DeSimone

Macon and Finley Berkley

Maddie Scott

Maggie Mae Grove

Maggie Phillips

Maxwell Strong

Morris Gang

Mosby James Burns

Murphy Summerfield

Onyx and Mojo Schmid

Owen, Rudy and O'Connor Meng

Paisley Sampson

Pippet Meyer

Pogo Bruno

Red and Lulu Manfre

Rita Mae Benshoff

Rosie Sumner

Roxy and Amber Stanley

Ruby and Khloe Knapp

Ruby Tuesday and Menia Johnson

Saint Finley Corrigan

Sandy Harmon

Seamus Larson

Serbet Quinn

Shine Mercer

Sophie O'Neal

Whiskey Nevitt

Sully Andrews

Weller Perlmutter

Your donations go to directly support the dogs in our care. Thank you for your generosity!