Annual Calendar Contest Voting is Open!

Congratulations to our calendar finalists! Now it’s your turn to decide who should be featured in our annual Calendar! Scroll through all of our finalists and vote for your favorite photo(s). They are listed in no particular order.

To vote, use the “Vote” button under each photo. Each “vote” is a $1.00 donation to SEVA GRREAT and you may vote as many times as you like. For example, a $10.00 donation equals 10 votes for the dog(s) of your choice. You can vote for several dogs if you like; simply add them to your cart.

Voting ends at NOON on August 1, 2024. The 13 photos with the most votes will receive a monthly feature and the top vote-getter will be on the cover of the calendar.  This calendar contest is a fundraiser, and your votes directly support rescued golden retrievers in our program, helping ensure they find wonderful forever homes (and hopefully featured in a future SEVA GRREAT calendar)! Vote early and vote often! We look forward to finding out which Goldens will be our 12 monthly features and which Golden you choose will be on the calendar cover!

Abigale Dore

Aspen Sloane

Ates Kenley

Atlas and Maya Moulton

Augie Zembower

Bailey Lightfoot

Barbie Connell

Barkley Zinski

Beau Bruno

Beau Sherman

Bella and Nash Heath

Bella Kolbert

Bella Prevett

Biscuit Collamore

Buddy Evans

Cami Blue and Reina Kay

Caruso Michelsen

Chance Miles

Charlotte Walker

Clio O'Hargan

Daisy Phillips

Davis Wells

Delilah Strzelecki

Ducky Guilfoy

Duke Hoyt

Elsa DeLonga

EvaJune Standish

Finn Gragnani

Finn Roggmann

Finn Stell

Finnigan Rice

Galileo Brown

Ginger Ritchie

Grady Rowe

Hurley and Finn McGovern

Ivy Marie Wyne

Izzy Barrett

Jack Mckeithen

Jasmine Cox

Jazz Somerday

Jordy Beckman

Juniper Mullen

Kaia Krom

Lombardi Freeman

Macon and Finley Berkley

Maggie May Masci

Max Bennis

Maxwell Strong Taylor

Maya Countryman

Murphy Morea

Murphy Ritt

Napolean Layla and Tinker Bennett

Nina Thomson

Oakley Hay

Ollie Stocks

Onyx Vinny and Mojo Schmid

Pike DeMeo

Piper Endre

Radar Robinson

Ranger Hanson

Riley Knight

Rita and Ellie Benshoff

Rosie Stull

Ruby and Khloe Knapp

Ruby Farley

Sandy Parrott

Saylor Hazlett

Serbet Quinn

Sheba Sumner

Shine Mercer

Simba Serbet Quinn and Grayson Ely

Stella Cheslock

Toby Jenkins

Toby Wachter

Tucker Manfre

Vesper Boxley

Willow and Henry Summerlin

Willow Fitchett

Wren Frazier

Your donations go to directly support the dogs in our care. Thank you for your generosity!