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SEVA GRREAT is a non-profit, volunteer rescue group that takes in Golden Retrievers from owners who can no longer care for their dog, for whatever reason, and we rescue Goldens in shelters or other animal control facilities.  We provide excellent health care and find new forever homes for these wonderful dogs.  We interview our foster homes and prospective adoptive homes in their home so we can visually see where the Golden will reside and make sure the home is a safe and loving home.

Owner Turn In or Shelter Rescue – Helping a Golden in Need

Whether you are an owner needing to turn in your Golden or a shelter seeking our assistance, we are here to help you.
When we take a Golden under our wings, the day that it comes to us the dog is taken to one of our vets and examined thoroughly.  It also is micro chipped and given shots and any other medical treatment it needs.  We make arrangements for any dog that needs neutering or spaying to be done as soon as possible after intake. The dog will go from the vet’s office to a foster home for a minimum of two weeks. The foster family will assess the dog during that time. This helps us in understanding the dog’s behavior, needs and habits. We set no time limit for how long a dog may stay in foster care. It is based on the individual needs of the dog. We take the time to find the right home for each dog.


If you are interested in SEVA GRREAT helping you find a new forever home for your Golden please contact us.  We will call you back and give you an explanation of our complete process and answer any questions you have.

If you feel SEVA GRREAT is where you want to place your dog, you will be asked for information on your dog’s habits and history.  Once we have accepted your dog we will ask you to sign a Release Form (ownership transfer) on the day that we obtain the Golden. A tax deductible donation of $100 is suggested to help defray the medical costs of the dog before it is placed in a permanent home. It is not a requirement for relinquishing your dog.


We welcome you to call on us when you have a Golden in need of being rescued.  We can provide you with any documentation on our group that you need.


Call our Hotline: (757) 827-8561 then press 2.
Leave your name and number (area code included) and a brief message and one of our intake volunteers will return your call.
Email: Intake Coordinator at

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